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Do you want to open a gym?

The mathematical gym

To open a gym you will need a suitable space and an entity to manage it. In little time and with little effort, you can found a partner association with MathFitness to create an agreement. It is possible and recommended to insert public entities and universities for support.

Opening a gym is easy now. You can do it quickly for little cost, and it will be managed promptly and with suitable training for each step, from content to management.


Minimum requirements: 60 – 200 m2, well-lit, equipped with electric sockets, Wi-Fi internet connection, following safety protocols. Each gym must have 1 operations manager, 1 scientific contact person, 1 team of scientific trainers.


The material required to open a gym includes furnishing, computer equipment, and exhibits from the “ELLE” series and the “ESSE” series, teaching, illustration, writing, and multimedia materials. All material will be supplied by MathFitness.


The activities will be explained by scientific trainers, both inside the gym and in schools. You will be able to organize events at the gym or in schools with a contact person/project coordinator. You will need initial training on the contents, methods, what it means to be a scientific trainer, the similarities and differences between a trained and a teacher, and how to pace the activities to keep users engaged.

The school gym

To open a school gym, ideally you should have a space separate from the classrooms in which students can have a different experience, but it is also possible use our activities inside the classroom. You can reach a formal agreement with MathFitness in little time and for no cost. Your only expense will be for a training course necessary to open the gym. You will receive training for each step, and you will be able to research the teaching of mathematics by examining how the activities affect the students over time.

Spaces and resources

Minimum requirements: 1 classroom/lab inside the school, well-lit, equipped with electric sockets, possible Wi-Fi internet connection, following safety protocols.

Teaching material and training

There is no minimum requirement for opening a school gym. We strongly believe in the joining to formal and informal teaching methods, so we give schools the opportunity to freely use all our activities that require common materials (paper, blackboard, scissors, pencils, etc.). Schools can also obtain out interactive exhibits a few at a time with the funds they have on hand (in particular, the “ESSE” series was specifically designed to provide exhibits at very low cost).


The activities will be presented by the math teachers (or even teachers of other subjects), one of whom will take the role of contact person/project coordinator. The initial training on on contents and methods will be planned and agreed on with the school management, and may be supplemented by refresher courses and long-distance training.

I kit (per organizzatori)

With this option, it is possible to have access to all of our interactive recreational activities without setting up a permanent space to house them. Materials, contents, and information from the website can be used  for events, festivals, school visits.

Spaces and resources

You will only need a suitable space of around 4 m2 for storing objects, prints, and interactive exhibits. You will need the involvement, training, and experience of scientific trainers, and organizers.

Teaching material and training

You will require a “MathFitness KIT”, which does not include furnishing, but rather computer material our interactive exhibits, teaching, illustration, writing, and multimedia materials.

You will need initial training on the contents, methods, and website use, which may be supplemented by refresher courses and long-distance training.


These agreements are only possible with associations or entities that have been operating for some time and that have experience with scientific education. Therefore the staff will already be present, and the subject will hate the experience necessary to train new scientific trainers to keep using the kit.

Scientific trainer


Scientific educator

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