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Interactive Exhibits

Our interactive exhibits are objects specifically designed with certain goals in mind, dedicated to teaching and communicating ideas. We use 3D printing to design the shapes we need to show mechanisms or geometric forms, to play with numbers or allow the user to invent and discover ways to obtian certain results, formulas, or theorems (often ones covered by the national curriculum).

The exhibits are constantly evolving: new pieces that range from larger ones designed for museums or interactive exhibitions to smaller, simpler ones you can carry in your bag that can say much in so little space.

The design and creation of these interactive exhibits is curated by Simone Mercurio, who specializes in design and project management.

Simone Mercurio

Designer Exhibits

Here are our collections of exhibits, always evolving!

“ELLE” series exhibits

Our best exhibits. Interactive math and design, all thanks to 3D printing.

See the bundle

“ESSE” series exhibits

Cheap, simple exhibits inside a bag. Pieces of the "ELLE" series exhibits you can play with.

See the bundle

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