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List of proposals

Math gyms around the world

All the activities you see on our website are available in math gyms all around the world. Try to solve a problem — the gym will have the answer. Add what you like to you wishlist, and your trainer will explain everything. Inside our gyms you will be able to play with our interactive exhibits or tackle math problems with common objects. The point is to learn math in new ways, through games, challenges, fun activities, team games, puzzles, and all kinds of fascinating problems. Training your mind is easy!

Interactive workshops

Interactive activities from our catalog held together by a central thread.

XL workshops

Workshops that involve enormous sets and require sensory involvement. You may find yourself as a piece on a giant chessboard!

Interactive exhibitions

Exhibits you can look at, touch, and play with. Exhibits to tickle your curiosity, to experiment with, to learn with. Exhibits to have fun, discover, reason with.

Training courses

Training and refresher courses for teachers who are interested in mixing of formal and informal teaching methods and designing interactive recreative activities.

Event management

With Mathfitness you can organize all kind of events: from festivals to conferences, from series of lectures to small library events.

Team building

Workshops and event for business to stimulate the team spirit between colleagues.

Interactive workshops for the school

Collections of didactic activities that can be held either in the gym or in the classroom.

Interactive exhibits

Our interactive exhibits are special playthings. With them you can have interactive experiences, try to solve problems, see and learn theorems and formulas in a new way.

Satellite projects

Sub-projects that stand on their own.

Training together

Joint bundles between a math gym and other cultural institutions of a specific city.

Interactive lectures

Lectures in which the public can solve problems, discover math in their daily lives, or find out was happens inside a math gym.

Themed parties

Fun, original, intelligent parties supervised by scientific trainers. Birthday parties, Christmas parties, or even business parties.

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