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Università degli Studi di Genova

We have an involved partnership with the Università degli Studi di Genova on many different levels: Giuseppe Rosolini is a full professor of mathematical logic and is a founding member of the association that manages the MathFitness project, as well as president of the scientific committee. He plans new activities and bundles with a focus on contents and didactics. We have also partnered with the university on many occasions, such as joint announcements, organizing events, supporting university events, etc.

Università degli Studi di Genova
Department of Mathematics

Genoa Science Festival

The Genoa Science Festival (Festival della Scienza) is a key event for the growth of the project. Every year for the Festival, we introduce new interactive exhibitions, new planned activities, and new exhibits for interactive workshops. Thanks to the great inflow of public it has been possible to try out, perfect, and promote new activities.

Acquario di Genova

In 2008, the project, in partnership with the Acquario di Genova, won the Parksmania Award for best didactic activity of the year: the interdisciplinary bundle “Le geometrie del mare” (Level 1 – Level 2 – Level 3). These bundles consist of two visits: one to the mathematical gym in Genova and one to specific tanks in the Acquario di Genova. The theme of this bundle is geometry: shapes, symmetries, fractals, regular and irregular polygons.

Costa Edutainment

Costa Edutainment SpA is the leading company in Italy in the management of public and private structures dedicated to recreational, cultural, educational activities, both for study and research. The leadership of the company, created in 1997, has roots in the entrepreneurial  spirit of the Costa family, which originated in the cruise tourism business and asserted itself as one of the most important and highest quality brands in Italy and the world. We have many activities in partnership with Costa Edutainment, such as the bundle “Matematica a bordo”, which takes place in the Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa. It is an original and interactive activity, which aims to discover the link between mathematics and and navigation through maps, compasses, knots, and much more. View the bundle: Level 2Level 3.

Genova Porto Antico

The Porto Antico in Genova is a large square on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a thousand years old and was given a new life around twenty years ago. It marks the rebirth of tourism, culture, shopping, performance, sport, food, sailing. It is the heart of the new Genoa, a city within a city, where you can have fun, where you can work, where you can meet others.

We have various activities in partnership with the Porto Antico, such as the bundle with “La città dei bambini e dei ragazzi” called “Riflettiamoci”; many activities to test the behavior of different kinds of mirrors, discover the properties of white light and he magic of colored shadows, and play with a laser. It deals with symmetries and reflections, polygons, conics, and the Cartesian plane. View the bundles “Riflettiamoci” Level 1 – Level 2 and “Geometria allo specchio” Level 1.

Porto Antico – La città dei bambini e dei ragazzi

Genova Palazzo Ducale (Fondazione per la Cultura)

The Palazzo Ducale di Genova is the center of culture in the city, including dissemination and the planning of public events. Every year it hosts many art exhibitions: painting, sculpture, and photography. We have workshops with the theme of “Mathematics and Art” Level 1Level 2.

Museo di storia naturale

MathFitness has various activities linked to the contents of the Museo di Storia Naturale, starting from a visit to the halls of the museum. The activities begin by observing the the “houses” of various animals often have geometric shapes. View the bundle “la matematica esce dal guscio” Livello 1 Livello 2.

Museo di storia naturale

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