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Proposals for museum and science centers

La palestra della matematica

La palestra della matematica è uno spazio speciale dove allenare la propria mente attraverso centinaia di attività ludiche interattive, divertenti e stimolanti che sviluppano una grande curiosità e sicurezza.

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Interactive workshops

Interactive activities from our catalog held together by a central thread.

Interactive exhibitions

Exhibits you can look at, touch, and play with. Exhibits to tickle your curiosity, to experiment with, to learn with. Exhibits to have fun, discover, reason with.

Interactive exhibits

Our interactive exhibits are special playthings. With them you can have interactive experiences, try to solve problems, see and learn theorems and formulas in a new way.

Training together

Joint bundles between a math gym and other cultural institutions of a specific city.

Interactive workshops for the school

Collections of didactic activities that can be held either in the gym or in the classroom.

Event management

With Mathfitness you can organize all kind of events: from festivals to conferences, from series of lectures to small library events.

XL workshops

Workshops that involve enormous sets and require sensory involvement. You may find yourself as a piece on a giant chessboard!

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