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Proposals for schools

Here are the interactive workshops that may be attended at a mathematics gym and that may be brought to the classroom from the nearest gym.

Workshops for ages 0-5

Sets, shapes, quantities, space and time, and probability. Activities that introduce mathematics to very young children.

Workshops for ages 11-14

Fractions, plane geometry, geometric transformations, logic, and lateral thinking, and a special bundle to introduce algebra to students.

Workshops for ages 5-11

Operations, analizing problems, plane geometry, and a special bundle to introduce mathematics to children aged 6-7.

Workshops for ages 14-19

Euclidian and Cartesian geometry, equations and systems of equations, exponential functions, computer science, probability.

La palestra della matematica

La palestra della matematica è uno spazio speciale dove allenare la propria mente attraverso centinaia di attività ludiche interattive, divertenti e stimolanti che sviluppano una grande curiosità e sicurezza.

See the bundle

Interactive exhibits

Our interactive exhibits are special playthings. With them you can have interactive experiences, try to solve problems, see and learn theorems and formulas in a new way.

Themed parties

Fun, original, intelligent parties supervised by scientific trainers. Birthday parties, Christmas parties, or even business parties.

Training together

Joint bundles between a math gym and other cultural institutions of a specific city.

La palestrina nelle scuole

La palestrina è uno spazio di didattica informale attraverso attività interattive pensato per vivere all’interno di una scuola con gli oggetti possibili e dopo una formazione adeguata.

See the bundle

XL workshops

Workshops that involve enormous sets and require sensory involvement. You may find yourself as a piece on a giant chessboard!

Training courses

Training and refresher courses for teachers who are interested in mixing of formal and informal teaching methods and designing interactive recreative activities.

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