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Since its beginnings, MathFitness was designed to be of use to schools and students.

Math is important in every school level. Students must tackle a variety of subjects, often in-depth. The Mathematics Gym wishes to complement “normal”, more formal lessons with interactive recreative activities and workshops, rather than replace them. Ou informal teaching methods are backed by over 15 years of experience as well as the results of modern research.

Here is how MathFitness can help schools with offers directed towards students, teachers, or even the institution itself.

and teach through play!

Here are our interactive workshops that can be attended in one of our gyms or brought directly to the classroom itself from the nearest gym.

LAB - Scuola dell'infanzia

insiemistica, forme, quantità, spazio e tempo e probabilità. Per introdurre la matematica ai piccolissimi.

LAB - Scuola secondaria di primo grado

Frazioni, geometria piana e le trasformazioni geometriche, logica e pensiero laterale e un pacchetto speciale d’introduzione all’algebra.

LAB - Scuola primaria

Operazioni, analisi di un problema, geometria piana e un pacchetto speciale per introdurre la matematica ai piccolissimi di 6-7 anni.

LAB - Scuola secondaria di secondo grado

Geometria euclidea e analitica, equazioni e sistemi, esponenziali, informatica, teoria delle probabilità.

For the students

La palestra della matematica

La palestra della matematica è uno spazio speciale dove allenare la propria mente attraverso centinaia di attività ludiche interattive, divertenti e stimolanti che sviluppano una grande curiosità e sicurezza.

See the bundle

Mathematics is not what you think it is. The schools must must teach math subjects according to a specific curriculum, but math is much closer to art and philosophy than it seems. You can learn this through playing, challenge, curiosity, and fun. You can do this by training your mind and learning in entertaining ways at our gyms, or you can sign up to the website for free and view all our activities (but not the solutions, which you can discover inside one of our gyms).

For the teachers

Exhibit interattivi

Gli exhibit interattivi sono i giocattoli speciali. Grazie ad essi è possibile fare esperienze interattive, provare, risolvere problemi, vedere e imparare teoremi e formule im modo diverso.

Training courses

Training and refresher courses for teachers who are interested in mixing of formal and informal teaching methods and designing interactive recreative activities.

To complement your lessons with informal teaching methods, you can not only visit our gyms but also independently design interactive recreative workshops. With MathFitness you can attend training courses, obtain interactive exhibits you can use to teach through sensory experiences, and ask your school to open its own little mathematics gym, using any and all of our activities.

You can sign up to our website for free to view all our activities (but not the solution and the teaching tips, which will only be available once you open a gym).

For the school

La palestrina nelle scuole

La palestrina è uno spazio di didattica informale attraverso attività interattive pensato per vivere all’interno di una scuola con gli oggetti possibili e dopo una formazione adeguata.

See the bundle

Teachers can use as activities side by side with their normal lessons, even inside the school itself. You can use our interactive recreative activities to:

  • teach a subject in a new way, by guiding the students towards a result;
  • review a subject through practical applications after teaching the theory;
  • show how to use mathematics and its applications in everyday life.

To do so, you can open a little gym inside you school for no cost. You will only need to attend a training course to introduce teachers to out informal teaching methods. Afterwards you will have access too all our activities and the necessary objects (for many activities you will only need everyday items present in every school).

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